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AP&T has been developing high-quality production solutions for the sheet metal forming industry for over 50 years. Today we are a global player that focuses on sustainable solutions for customers that are primarily active in the automotive and climate & energy industries. Our headquarters, development activities and the majority of our production are located in Sweden, while we have sales and service representation all over the world. AP&T has been part of Fairford Holdings since 2009.

Complete solutions for sheet metal forming

AP&T offers complete production systems, automation, presses, tooling and aftermarket services for manufacturers of formed metal parts.

We achieve customer satisfaction and security by offering a high degree of availability and complete solutions for which we take full responsibility – a concept we call One Responsible Partner®. We focus on production systems that give the finished parts properties that customers demand such as reduced weight, high level of safety and energy efficiency.

One Responsible Partner®

At AP&T we constantly aim to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and security by offering a high degree of availability and complete solutions for which we are fully responsible – a concept we call One Responsible Partner®

The cornerstones are: 

  • Sustainable approach: Sustainability is the guiding star in everything we do. AP&T’s approach to sustainability comprises not only our own operations and our customer offering, it also very much concerns the end products that are produced with the assistance of our solutions. 
  • Market leader in defined niches: With a strong focus on selected niches we will continue to improve our expertise in order to deliver solutions based on the latest know-how and technology. 
  • Competence in-house permits us to stay ahead of the competition, offer state-of-the-art, long-term, high-performing solutions.
  • Global support: As a global company we will support you wherever you are or wherever you choose to establish your business. 
  • Our modular-based system with well-proven quality and availability.

Global presence

AP&T has sales and service representation in Europe, Asia and North America. Our philosophy is, quite simply, to be where our customers are. Our global presence gives us more in-depth understanding of our customers’ businesses, which means we can more easily satisfy their needs for complete solutions, products and services. Contact details to our offices around the world can be found under Contact.

Our mission            

» To make our customers more competitive in the global market.

AP&T provides sheet metal industries worldwide with complete production systems as well as with stand-alone presses, automation, tooling and related aftermarket services.

Being the technology leader in selected niches, AP&T focuses on production systems for weight reduction, safety and energy efficiency in the final product.

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