Managing Director and CEO

Magnus Baarman

As a leading supplier of advanced sheet metal forming technologies, we provide our customers around the world with complete production systems. In selected niches, we focus on innovative production solutions that enable our customers to reduce weight, improve safety and increase energy efficiency in the final product. The first factor of our success is our ability to identify new product niches at an early stage that have high market potential, and our ability to develop the most innovative production solutions for these. The second success factor is our ability to deliver production systems that ensure the customer obtains the shortest lead time, a secure production start and the most competitive total cost. Finally, our success is sealed by customized service products that maximize availability and lifetime in our delivered installations.

Chief Financial Officer

Håkan Mouwitz

Financial stability is a cornerstone of a healthy and long-term sustainable business. By ensuring structure and order in our finances and far-sighted risk management, we are able to accommodate the development of new, innovative solutions and provide security for our customers. We have achieved the strong position AP&T has today by earning our customers’ trust over time, and we will continue to manage this capital in the best way possible. 

Chief Operating Officer

Lilli Kostovska

Our customers are active within many different segments and industries all over the world. Not many projects are alike. By being responsive to our customers' specific requirements and demands we want to deliver projects that not only meet objectives related to time, quality and profitability, but which also exceed the expectations of our customers. We accomplish this by involving the required expertise in all areas of the company. Together we create robust solutions with satisfied customers.

Chief Technology Officer 

Dr. Christian Koroschetz, M.Sc.

For AP&T’s Technology Development it is a matter of ensuring technology lead through holistic development, to enable future production systems for weight reduction, safety and energy efficiency in the final product. We want to be one step ahead to ensure the availability of turnkey solutions when the market demand for them arises.

Director Aftermarket Services

Magnus Svenningsson

The solutions we offer create value for our customers over the course of many years. With a combination of innovative products and services delivered by knowledgeable and committed employees, we are able to meet expectations for high availability every day of the equipment’s lifetime. It is for this reason we constantly develop our aftermarket product range, with focus on clear customer benefit. When the time comes for the customer to invest in new machinery, our goal is to be chosen again — not least due to the excellent service we have provided.

People Development, Human Resources

Tomas Hansson

Our employees’ willingness, ability and know-how have made us a world leader in our industry. Our constant development as employees and as a company is extremely important for us to be able to meet the current and future expectations of our stakeholders. AP&T offers strong professional and personal development. The AP&T spirit also makes going to work fun. Welcome to an innovative company!

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