Miele, Uničov

Increased production capacity with fully automated six-press line from AP&T

World-leading manufacturer of household appliances invested in complete line solution for production of metal components  

The Miele Group, world-leading manufacturer of high-quality household appliances, is something of an institution in the industry. Having been around since 1899, the company sells its products to over 100 countries worldwide and has a total of 14 manufacturing facilities. The Group’s largest factory is located in Uničov, Czech Republic. This is where AP&T enters the picture.

In 2017, Miele decided to increase production capacity by investing in new equipment for forming metal components for the dish washers and dryers manufactured at the Uničov factory.

AP&T, having a long history of supplying Miele and other manufacturers of household appliances, won the procurement. Miele’s manufacturing cluster still includes fully operational equipment installed by AP&T in the 1990s.

Since 2018, the AP&T fully automatic tandem line with six presses has been in operation at the Miele plant in Uničov, Czech Republic.

Fully automated tandem line

This time around, the challenge was to construct and deliver a fully automatic tandem line with as many as six presses.

“To increase the production capacity of metal components for our assembly lines we decided to invest in a new press line. AP&T offered a complete line solution including automation at a competitive price,” says Robert Ruprich at Miele Uničov Procurement.

A complete solution

“In our role as One Responsible Partner®, we were tasked with developing a complete press, automation and control system solution. Our undertaking also includes maintenance and spare parts provision,” says Slawomir Grabowski, Area Sales Manager at AP&T.

The line itself is made up of AP&T's standard components. One of the six hydraulic presses has a press force of 630 tons and the other five, 250 tons. The automation equipment consists of press robots from AP&T's SpeedFeeder program. AP&T's latest generation of control systems, with its user-friendly LOGOS interface, handles process control.

 “In addition, the line contains our unique automatic tool exchange and storage solution. All in all, we have created a very rational, effective and thorough process that ensures long-term high levels of availability and productivity through qualified service,” says Roger Frölander, Technical Sales Manager at AP&T.


The tandem line's automation equipment consists of press robots from AP&T's SpeedFeeder program.
The AP&T six-press line has made it possible to increase production of metal components for the dish washers and dryers manufactured at the Uničov factory.

Successful collaboration

The six-press line was installed according to plan at the end of 2018 and has delivered ever since. 

"Overall, we are satisfied with our collaboration with AP&T. During the commissioning phase at the end of the project, AP&T successfully pulled off the biggest task – cycle time performance," says Robert Ruprich.

“This deal fortifies AP&T's position as One Responsible Partner® toward leading manufacturers in the household appliance industry and we are very proud,” says Roger Frölander of AP&T.

April 2021

Facts Miele Uničov

  • The largest production plant in the Miele Group's international production network. 
  • Manufacturing of tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines.
  • More than 2.000 employees.
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