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New press-hardening line from AP&T exceeds customer expectations

In the US, Simwon is meeting higher customer demands with new press-hardening technology from AP&T

Together with their agent Daekyung International, AP&T has spent many years building up a relationship with Simwon Co Ltd & MS Autotech Co Ltd in South Korea. In a visit to China a few years ago, Simwon’s managing director got the opportunity to see how AP&T’s press-hardening production lines perform in action. It was the start of a rewarding collaboration between the two parties. In the spring of 2022, the first line from AP&T was installed at Simwon’s facility in Austin, Texas. The output of the solution has thus far exceeded the very high expectations.

The press-hardening line from AP&T in Simwon’s production facility in Austin, Texas.

Simwon is part of MS Autotech Co Ltd, a globally operating sub-supplier to many of the world’s major car manufacturers. The Group, which specializes in body parts, has manufacturing in South Korea, India, North America and China. Simwon America Corp. in Austin, Texas produces press-hardened components for the American market. It’s in the company’s production facility that we find the new press-hardening line from AP&T. 

“The new line is primarily used to manufacture door rings for one of our larger American customers. To meet their needs, the technology has to run faultlessly, and we need to be able to produce at top speed. AP&T’s line has exceeded our high expectations. The output is between 15 and 20 percent higher than our other press-hardening lines,” says Jeon Incheol, senior manager of the overseas sales team at Simwon Co Ltd.

The success of the Simwon investment is also of great importance to AP&T.  

“We are naturally pleased to fulfill Simwon’s high requirements on product quality, cycle times and machine availability. For us, this is a strategically important deal that has strengthened our position in press hardening on the North American market,” says Peter Robisch, sales manager at AP&T. 

Now that the line has been running for close to a year and a half, both companies are prepared to discuss how they can deepen and further develop their collaboration.  

“In this context, it’s a great advantage that we have well-established service, support, spare part supply and sales organizations in the US,” says Robisch. 

In the long run, more orders for equipment may be forthcoming. There are no actual decisions at the moment, but as Incheol puts it: 

“Simwon has a good feeling.” 

Jeon Incheol, senior manager of the overseas sales team at Simwon Co Ltd, flanked by AP&T’s agent in South Korea, Young S Choi and AP&T’s Area Sales Manager, Peter Robisch.

Line solution based on the latest technology

In its role as One Responsible Partner, AP&T delivered a fully integrated, modular line solution based on the latest technology in 2022. The line includes a hydraulic press with a press force of 1200 tons, automation equipment and a control system. Thanks to the uniform control system, the line’s hydraulic presses and linear robots can be synchronized, providing an optimal process and short cycle times. The line is also equipped with AP&T’s in-line process monitoring. Its cameras and pyrometers ensure a well-controlled manufacturing process and a high, even quality of produced parts.

September 2023

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