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16-18 October 2018
EuroCarBody 2018
Bad Nauheim, Germany

EuroCarBody, which is organized by Automotive Circle, is the most important international benchmarking conference for car bodies in series production. The most recent development in body design will be presented together with completed vehicles from the world’s leading OEMs. Among other things, the conference will focus on weight reduction, forming technologies, assembly methods and production equipment.

AP&T will be at Exhibit Booth 6, where Sales Manager Kent Eriksson and CTO Dr. Christian Koroschetz will present some of the company’s latest features:

  • TemperBox®, which allows hard and soft zones to be combined in press hardened components.
  • Scalable production solutions for high-strength aluminum.
  • AP&T's servo-hydraulic press, with short cycle times, high-precision and low energy consumption.

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23-26 October 2018
EuroBLECH 2018
Hannover, Germany

EuroBLECH is the world’s leading expo for the sheet metal forming industry, and it offers a global platform for presenting the latest technology to a specialized audience. 

AP&T will be there with its total offering for the manufacture of lighter, safer and more energy-efficient products.

We will focus on three of our most recent and groundbreaking innovations. 

  • AP&T’s servo hydraulic press:
    Short cycle times, high precision, very low energy consumption and minimum need for maintenance make AP&T’s unique servo hydraulic press hard to beat — not only compared to conventional hydraulic presses, but in many cases also compared to servo mechanical presses. During the expo our visitors can scrutinize the press in detail, and our advanced presentation technology will help them have an exciting and comprehensive experience. 
  • Scalable production solutions for forming high-strength aluminum: 
    Our servo hydraulic press is also part of our multi-award winning production solution for forming high-strength aluminum, which will also be in focus at EuroBLECH.
  • TemperBox®
    Our production solution for press hardening of components with customized properties (soft zones); the solution is not dependent on cycle times. 

We will naturally also present other parts of our overall offering, including automation, tooling solutions, service and maintenance. 

We warmly invite you to Hall 27, Exhibit Booth H52. Hope to see you there!

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6-8 November 2018
Atlanta, USA

FABTECH will be held at the beginning of November in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is the largest event in North America for companies active in metal forming, production, welding and finishing. 

AP&T will be there with its total offering for the manufacture of lighter, safer and more energy-efficient products. Among other things, the company’s new globally unique servo hydraulic press, which creates entirely new opportunities for increased productivity within both cold forming and hot forming, will be presented. 

AP&T will be at Exhibit Booth A1952. 

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