AP&T’s production solutions for press hardening going strong in Italy

05 October 2016
Equipment from AP&T is used to manufacture press hardened parts for Alfa Giulia, among others.
Equipment from AP&T is used to manufacture press hardened parts for Alfa Giulia, among others.

AP&T continues to strengthen its dominant position in the Italian market for press hardening. Recently, car part manufacturer U.form placed an order for its second press hardening line from AP&T. It is experiencing increased demand for lighter and stronger vehicle parts from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which already has five press hardening lines from AP&T. 

The Italian car industry is making huge investments to reduce vehicle weight and improve safety through the use of lighter and stronger materials – in other words exactly the features that characterize press-hardened steel. In order to meet growing demand, car part manufacturer U.form decided a few years ago to build a completely new facility for the production of press hardened parts in Castellato on the east coast of Italy. 

“After a thorough analysis, we selected AP&T to be our partner and supplier for the production solution. AP&T has the competence and experience we needed to meet the requirements from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and to implement our important project,” says Renzo Triaca, CEO of U.form. 

U.form’s first press hardening line, which has a 1200 ton ODEN press, a furnace, automation equipment and control systems, was installed in October 2015. It is currently being used for the production of A-pillars, B-pillars and different types of reinforcement parts for Alfa Giulia and Maserati Levante, for example. To date, only a portion of the available capacity is being utilized. When the production of Alfa Romeo's new models, which have a significantly larger percentage of press hardened parts, begins at the end of the year, scaling up of production is expected. U.form therefore recently ordered another complete production line from AP&T, which is identical to the first one. 

“The new line will be operational at the end of the year, and in 2017 production will be running at full capacity,” says Renzo Triaca. 

Brief information about U.form

  • Manufactures press hardened car parts.
  • Founded in 2013, activity started in 2014.
  • Located in Castellato on the east coast of Italy, roughly 200 km from Rome.
  • Owned by PCM Srl (belonging to the same group as the tool manufacturer Susta Srl) and by car part manufacturer Metalmeccanica Tiberina.
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