AP&T doubled its number of visitors at EuroBLECH

03 November 2016

Participation at this year’s EuroBLECH at the end of October was a huge success for AP&T, which develops production solutions for the metal forming industry all over the world. 

“We have never encountered such great interest at EuroBLECH previously. We had twice the number of visitors at our booth compared to 2014,” says Jan Jonasson, senior advisor marketing and sales at AP&T. 

AP&T, which exhibited under the Year of Innovation theme, has strengthened its total offering over the past year with a large number of new products and aftermarket services, all of which were presented at EuroBLECH and which naturally attracted many visitors. One of the main attractions was the company’s new generation of fast and energy-efficient automation products. The products have been developed for Industry 4.0, which creates opportunities for connection and remote reading of machine status and production statistics, for example. 

“Dialogue with our customers is always important, but we had many more visitors than expected at EuroBLECH, which contributed to a stimulating discussion on the possibilities created by our products that are based on the new technology,” says Jan Jonasson. 

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