AP&T exhibiting at EuroBLECH October 23–26

21 August 2018

AP&T’s unique servo hydraulic press will be the company’s main attraction at this year’s large metal forming expo, EuroBLECH 2018, between October 23 and 26 in Hannover. Short cycle times, high precision, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs make the new press a very interesting option — not only compared to conventional hydraulic presses, but in many cases also compared to servo mechanical presses. 

Over the past few years, AP&T — specialist in production solutions for the metal forming industry — has presented several groundbreaking innovations. In addition to the servo hydraulic press, the company has also developed an entirely new production solution for complexly shaped parts made out of high-strength aluminum, which enables the automotive industry to develop lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient cars. The production solution, which will also be in focus at EuroBLECH, has attracted a great deal of international attention and received prestigious awards such as Altair Enlighten Award and SIQ Quality Innovation Award. 

AP&T’s booth will also display other parts of the company’s overall offering, including presses, automation, tooling, furnaces and aftermarket services. 

AP&T provides customers all over the world with solutions for manufacturing lighter, safer and more energy-efficient products. The company is a world leader in press hardening of steel, and is at the forefront of development of production solutions for other lightweight materials such as aluminum and composites. 

AP&T will be in Hall 27 at Exhibit Booth H52. 

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