CK Deep Drawing increases flexibility with fully automated production solution from AP&T

14 May 2019

With a turnkey, fully automated two-press line from AP&T, Danish CK Deep Drawing is taking yet another important step in the company’s long-term endeavor to automate its production of deep-drawn and punched sheet metal parts. 

Deep-drawing specialists CK Deep Drawing, located in Horsens on Jylland’s east coast, manufactures pressed sheet metal parts for a large number of customers active in various industries in both Denmark and around the world. Over the past ten years, the company has gradually automated an increasing share of its production, primarily in cooperation with AP&T. The company commissioned an additional AP&T press line in March 2019, which means 90 percent of its production is now automated. 

“The new press line was specially developed to meet CK Deep Drawing’s high demands on flexibility and productivity. It is designed to be used for basically any type of part with metal thickness from 1 to 8 mm, and which requires more than one forming step. Small series can also be efficiently manufactured, with quick tool changes and short set-up times,” says Peter Karlsson from AP&T.

The line is fed sheet metal from coils, either directly to the first press or via rotating shears which cut the blanks into the required shape and size. An additional forming step is completed in the second press. After pressing, the parts are moved and stacked using AP&T's gantry system. The line’s two stacking stations are alternately filled and emptied to enable continuous production. The entire process is fully automated, including handling of the residual material that arises during punching. Programming is done through AP&T’s user-friendly HMI, LOGOS. 

In addition to the complete line, AP&T also provides service and maintenance for all of the machines. 

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