Climate-smart clothes hangers manufactured with equipment from AP&T

14 October 2019

Metal is not the only material that can be formed with equipment from AP&T. Employing a unique method, Ekoligens’ production plant in Kungälv, Sweden, uses AP&T presses to produce hangers out of recycled paper and cardboard. So far production has been on a small scale, but in order to meet the growing demand for its products, Ekoligens is investing in a completely new, fully automated two press line that should be operational by the second half of 2020. 

“Thanks to AP&T’s unique know-how and world-class products, we can begin mass production of our products to meet what appears to be insatiable demand,” says Ekoligens’ CEO Anders Nylander.

Ekoligens’ hangers are made out of Swedish cellulose, and their climate impact is up to 12 times lower than today’s plastic hangers. Considering that the global garment industry uses billions upon billions of plastic hangers every year, the market potential is significant.  

Production at Ekoligens’ new production plant in Kungälv, located just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, will gradually increase during the coming year. The company recently added an additional machine to its existing press from AP&T, which tripled production capacity. And next summer, the two presses will be replaced by a completely new, fully automated two press line that can manufacture up to 8,000 hangers an hour. 

The paper used as the raw material for the hangers is delivered on rolls. It is transformed into cellulose blanks, which are then formed into finished hangers in the presses. AP&T’s linear robots — SpeedFeeders — take care of feeding into and out of the presses. 

“This is an entirely new and exciting area for us, where we believe our know-how and standard products can enable efficient and competitive production. That we are also able to help reduce impact on the climate and the environment makes it even more gratifying,” says AP&T Sales Manager Kristian Broberg.

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