Focus on user friendliness in new generation control system from AP&T

26 February 2019

AP&T has produced a new generation control system that simplifies utilization of presses, automation equipment and production lines. The upgrade entails a comprehensive renewal of the LOGOS user interface, as well as functionality and hardware.  

“Our ambition is to make operation as simple as possible for everyone who uses our machinery on a day-to-day basis. Consequently, we have listened very carefully to the opinions of customers and operators, and worked to satisfy their wishes in our development work. At the same time, we have put a great deal of effort into ensuring that operators who are accustomed to our machinery will feel at home in the environment,” says AP&T Vice Chief Technology Officer Christer Bäckdahl. 

One thing that many users have asked for is larger screens. Now they have access to 22” screens with full HD for stationary PCs and 7” screens for hand-held mobile panels. Both have widescreen format (16:9) and high resolution. The number of pixels is an impressive 2.5 times higher than previously. The graphics, which have a clear AP&T identity, have been developed to give a good overview of the displayed information and to facilitate navigation. This applies to the alarm view, for example, which gives a quick overview of the machine’s status. 

The functionality itself has also been improved. 

“One of the many examples is that previously two clicks were needed to switch between the various machines connected to the system. We added an extra menu with shortcut keys which means only one click is needed to switch from one unit to another,” says Lars Prysander, who has been the development project manager and one of the programmers for the new system version. 

The control system renewal began in spring 2018 in conjunction with the transition to Siemens’ new software platform, the TIA Portal. All of AP&T's products and production lines that have LOGOS are equipped with the latest generation of the user interface.  All of the machines also have the latest CPU versions and system for inputs and outputs (ET200SP). 

Facts about AP&T’s new control system

  • New generation of AP&T’s user-friendly Windows-based LOGOS interface for presses, automation equipment and complete production lines, including a 22” screen with full HD for stationary PCs and 7” screens for mobile panels with resolution of 480x800 pixels, among other things.
  • New generation Siemens SIMATIC CPUs.
  • New system for inputs and outputs: Siemens ET200SP. 
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