Increased productivity and safety objectives of AP&T’s customer training program

12 March 2019

Machines that are handled and maintained appropriately perform better, are safer to work with and last longer. This is the underlying idea of AP&T’s new training program for employees of the company’s customers. Participants receive certification upon completion. 

“We want our customers to be able to take full advantage of their investment, minimize production disruptions and improve safety at the workplace over time. For this reason, we have developed our training program for operators, setters and service personnel who work with production lines, presses, automation and furnaces from AP&T,” says Christer Bäckdahl from AP&T R&D.

All of our trainings include both theory and practice, and are held at the customer’s premises in English, Swedish, German, Polish or Chinese. Course participants who satisfy the course objectives are certified. In addition to the regular training program, AP&T also offers varies types of tailored skills development and production support. 

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