Innovative year for forward-looking AP&T

24 January 2017
Over the past year, AP&T has launched several innovative products that generate profitability for customers.
Over the past year, AP&T has launched several innovative products that generate profitability for customers.

“How can we help generate persistent profitability for our customers?” For AP&T, the answer is obvious: through innovation. Over the past year the company has launched several innovative products and services that enable higher productivity and lower environmental impact in the metal forming industry. 

“The majority of our customers continuously focus on making their products lighter, more energy efficient and safer. Our task is to develop comprehensive solutions that help them reach their goals in a long-term profitable and sustainable manner. Over the past year we have made several major and important strides in that direction,” says Per Josefsson, vice president, sales and marketing at AP&T.

Unique press concept
The most recent addition to AP&T’s product program is a newly developed multi purpose press. It is based on a unique concept that enables parts to be produced with greater precision, significantly higher speed and up to 50 percent lower energy consumption. The noise level is also much lower than for a conventional press, which contributes to a better work environment. 

“Our new press concept is moving the boundaries for what is possible to achieve as well as laying the groundwork for greater flexibility, shorter cycle times and lower environmental impact,” says Per Josefsson. 

New generation of automation
With an entirely new generation of quick and energy-efficient press robots, transfer systems and other automation products, AP&T is also strengthening its position as one of the leading manufacturers of linear automation. The new generation of automation products can accelerate approximately 20 percent faster than previously, which enables significantly shorter cycle times and increased production capacity. Weight and energy consumption have also been greatly reduced. A new SpeedFeeder is approximately 10 percent more energy efficient than the previous model. Compared to industrial robots, the difference can be as much as 50 percent. 

Further developed multi layer furnace
AP&T’s Multi Layer Furnace (MLF) for press hardened vehicle parts has been launched in a completely new design with higher process stability and availability. It is designed to meet the quick development of material combinations taking place in the automotive industry. 

Lifetime Performance Services
In parallel with the development of presses, automation, furnaces and other machinery, AP&T is also investing heavily in soft products and business models that optimize availability and performance over the entire life cycle. Operator training, upgrades, operational monitoring, maintenance and other aftermarket services are now being offered through a needs-based availability agreement called Lifetime Performance Services. 

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