Production data right to your cell phone – new, smart solution from AP&T

05 December 2016

How many units have been produced so far? How many are left? How long until the job is complete? AP&T is now introducing Smart Device Connection – an application that gives the user full control over the entire production process via cell phone, tablet or smartwatch. 

AP&T continues to launch innovative solutions that allow customers to increase their overall equipment efficiency (OEE). The most recent solution is Smart Device Connection, an application that makes up-to-the-second data from the production line’s control system available in cell phones and other connected devices. 

“It is extremely practical. With Smart Device Connection, operators, maintenance personnel, planners and production leaders can see function and production status even when they are not at the line or a computer. Any disruptions can be discovered quickly in order to quickly minimize production losses,” says AP&T Product Manager Martin Sahlman.

Smart Device Connection has the same simple user interface (LOGOS) as AP&T’s other devices, which means existing customers will be familiar with it. 

“Over the past year we have launched several products that generate customer benefit by allowing various machines and other devices to share information and communicate with each other. Smart Device Connection is one more example of a solution that is in line with Industry 4.0. The latest technology creates fantastic opportunities that we will continue to utilize together with our customers.” 

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