AP&T aims for the highest quality in everything we deliver. Our suppliers play an important role in our promise to be One Responsible Partner®. This requires AP&T to have an excellent supplier base that allows us to obtain the right quality at the right time at a competitive price for our customers.

Key role of suppliers

Major opportunities and high demands

As a supplier to AP&T, you will be part of developing tomorrow’s solutions for customers all over the world.

  • Our customers have high demands, which means that both AP&T and our suppliers must stay on the very forefront of technology.
  • We aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers.
  • We have a solid reputation of supplying quality products and taking responsibility for our customers.

This means that we make the same high demands on our suppliers as we do on ourselves.  

These are the key expectations and requirements that AP&T has on its suppliers 

Quality: Suppliers should have appropriate quality assurance procedures in place to ensure that deliveries to AP&T correspond to the agreed quality level.  

On-time delivery: AP&T expects suppliers to deliver in accordance with the agreed-on delivery time.  

Price development: In collaboration with AP&T, suppliers must have a continuous cost-decreasing focus, aiming at lowering its costs to enable AP&T to compete on a highly competitive market.  

Continuous improvement: AP&T expects suppliers to work towards succeeding in making ongoing improvements.

Sustainability: AP&T requires suppliers to comply with our environmental, social and governance demands (AP&T Supplier Code of Conduct). 

AP&T's supplier agreement

Because customer demands govern our operations, it is natural that they are reflected in the agreements we sign with our suppliers.

The minimum requirement for becoming a supplier to AP&T is that you comply with AP&T General Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods and AP&T Supplier Code of Conduct.

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