Proactive sustainability work is fundamental for responsible business and long-term strategic growth. AP&T’s approach to sustainability comprises not only our own operations and our customer offering, it also very much concerns the end products that are produced with the assistance of our solutions. We continuously work to be at the forefront of process and technology development in order to improve safety, energy efficiency, and climate and environmental performance. This is how we lay the foundation for the continued success of both our customers and ourselves.



We believe that our society needs to transition from being unsustainable to becoming sustainable, and that we all, as both individuals and organizations, are obligated to do our part in making this become a reality. 

AP&T has chosen to base its corporate social responsibility work and sustainable development on the ESG (environmental, social and governance) backbone as well as on globally accepted principles such as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the ETI Base Code.



Climate and environment

Energy efficiency is the most important aspect in terms of achieving lower impact on the climate and the environment. Production solutions that enable vehicle components to be formed out of increasingly lighter and stronger materials contribute to the consistent development of more energy-efficient cars. Heat exchanger plates are another example of a product which is manufactured with equipment from AP&T and which promotes more efficient utilization of energy.

We also constantly work to improve the energy efficiency of the machines that we develop and manufacture. For instance, our latest generation of presses is 50% more energy efficient than previously.


AP&T’s process technology and understanding of materials, primarily within press hardening and forming of high-strength aluminum, create new possibilities for the car industry to develop both lighter and safer vehicles. The sophisticated simulations and manufacturing methods allow the vehicle’s structural parts to be designed to ensure they achieve the exact combination of properties required to optimize collision safety. 

Safety also plays a central role when designing and constructing our machines as well as during operator training. Our goal is for no individual to be injured when using products from AP&T.


AP&T’s corporate philosophy is based on a humanistic approach. We consider our employees to be our most important resource and aim to create a work climate in which each individual has the opportunity to grow and develop. We also aim to select suppliers and partners who share our values, and we do our utmost to ensure that the operators of our machines avoid injury during operation at the customer’s workplace. 

Social responsibility

All AP&T Group companies must incorporate aspects related to human rights and labor law into their management systems. The companies must also evaluate risks and performance in both their own operations and in the supply chain on a regular basis. 

Anti-bribery and corruption 

Long term success in business is only possible when there is free and fair competition. Based on this fundamental principle and our legal obligation, it is the policy of AP&T and its subsidiaries to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, and we are committed to acting with integrity in our business dealings everywhere we operate.


AP&T’s environmental management is based on an overall perspective whereby we take all aspects of our operations into account — from purchasing to the environmental impact of the end products. We encourage our employees to work towards achieving a cleaner manufacturing process, lower utilization of materials and energy, less waste generation and an increased level of recycling.

We also require our suppliers to conduct active work environment management and to satisfy ISO 14001.

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