AP&T’s research and development is primarily focused on solutions that allow our customers to produce consistently safer, lighter and more energy-efficient products that have low climate and environmental impact. This has been a successful strategy that has helped us become a respected knowledge partner to many companies all over the world, not least in the car industry.

Cooperation for the future

In addition to the continuous development we pursue on our own, we also cooperate with several other specialists from academia and industry on new competitive material combinations and cost-efficient manufacturing methods. Through active business intelligence and continuous dialogue with industry-leading players and by taking part in innovative projects, we help strengthen both our own and our customers’ position in relation to the future.

“Our goal is to be at the forefront of industrialization when it comes time for our customers to develop their production.”

— Dr. Christian Koroschetz, M.Sc., Chief Technology Officer, AP&T

New opportunities afforded by future press hardening

In our new video – The Future of Press Hardening – AP&T CTO and Head of R&D Dr. Christian Koroschetz highlights the latest developments in an exciting technical field and offers a glimpse into future solutions.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to Industry 4.0, constant access to process and machinery data makes it possible to optimize production, maximize availability and prevent downtime. How? See our video here!

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