Heat Shields

AP&T’s production lines are used all across the world by heat shield manufacturers that place stringent demands on the reliability, productivity and lifetime of their equipment.

Turnkey solution

Our flexible, modular-based program of fully tested machinery and standard components makes it possible to customize a reliable and productive turnkey solution to satisfy the conditions and preferences of individual customers, regardless of whether the aim is small or very large production volumes, or whether the material to be formed is embossed, zinc sheet or stainless steel sheet metal with or without insulation in the form of fiber, mica or paper. The end products include both large shields that protect bodies and/or chassis from moderate temperatures, as well as products used to enclose hot components such as catalytic converters and exhaust systems.

AP&T’s Servohydraulic Press combined with our latest automation products pave the way for energy-efficient production and short cycle times.
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