Hydraulic Presses

AP&T offers a broad and flexible program of modular-based hydraulic presses that can be optimized based on the area of application. Our most recent addition is a world first – a new servo hydraulic press with exceptionally high dynamic performance and up to 50% lower energy consumption than conventional hydraulic presses.

Flexible concepts

AP&T develops press concepts that are optimized for different types of operations and areas of application. The standard program includes presses for 1000–50000 kN, but AP&T can also custom manufacture for higher forces. Our broad program includes, amongst other things, multi-purpose presses for embossing, press hardening, deep drawing, transfer applications and tandem lines.

The press program is based on standardized modules for frames, hydraulics and control systems together with process control, which can be combined to form a very large number of product variants. The presses can be delivered as individual machines or as components of a complete, fully integrated production line. All of the presses are prepared for AP&T's automation.

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