Tool Changing Systems

AP&T offers a flexible range of complete tool changing systems that enable simple, safe and quick production resets from one product to another; available for a broad range of tool weights and sizes. In order to minimize changeover time, our presses can be equipped with tool changing systems that enable external rigging during ongoing production. A tool change takes just a few minutes.

Moving Bolster

A new generation of AP&T's motorized bolster is now available, with a robust design and increased speed and safety for tool weights up to 60 metric tons.

The Moving Bolster can be operated inside and outside of the press in any direction, which means it can be adapted to suit the conditions at the individual factory and line layout.

  • Solutions are available for tool changes in different directions – left-right, front-back, L-track or T-track.
  • Cushion solutions are available with pin changeover outside of the press.
  • Available as a manually operated or fully automated solution with automatic docking functionality for all media as an option.
  • The Moving Bolster is equipped with an optical scanner to support and ensure safe operation.

Rig plates

A smart, cost-efficient and flexible solution for tools up to 60 metric tons. It has many of the same benefits as a Moving Bolster, but here the press tool is mounted on a steel plate that slides back and forth on the press bed using a tool feeder chain.

  • Solutions for tool changes in all directions and with T-track.
  • Available as a manually operated or fully automated solution with automatic docking functionality for all media as an option.
  • Rig plates can also be used as a tool part for multiple dies with a minimum of rigging outside of the press.
  • Floor mounted system – no foundation needed and easy to customize.

Die carts, racks, lifters and consoles

AP&T's rail-bound die carts are intended for small and medium tools. All preparation is done outside of the press to enable swift changes and undisturbed production. In combination with our die rack, lifters and consoles, the die cart forms a complete system for fast and easy die exchange.

  • The die carts move on rails and are often designed with two die positions or more. The movement of the cart is done electrically by a frequency inverter drive unit, and the operator uses a portable control panel with a safety function.
  • The die exchange takes place either at the front or the rear of the press. The cart can be adapted to AP&T’s automatic die clamping system as an option.
  • The die rack is used for a fixed floor mounted die change solution on one or two sides of the press.
  • The die consoles are used to achieve a flexible die change solution on one or two sides of the press. When the consoles are not needed, they can easily be removed to increase access to the press area.

Tool clamping and docking

AP&T's patented and fully automatic tool clamping system enables extremely fast and efficient complete tool changes, which substantially reduces set-up times. The system is very flexible and fully integrated with the press and can also be combined with other solutions. Our system is well tried and tested, and has been used by hundreds of customers all over the world for many years. We frequently integrate other customized solutions from other brands with our presses.

AP&T also offers different systems for automatic connection of electricity, water, pneumatics and hydraulics to press tools in conjunction with tool changes. The system consists of docking plates equipped with quick couplings that are mounted on the press and dies – all aimed at achieving quick, correct and safe die changes with a minimum of operators.

Auto-docking concept for rig plate and Moving Bolster.
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