AP&T designs, produces, installs and maintains complete, needs-based production lines for hot and cold forming of a variety of materials and components. Our system of fully tested standard modules allows us to design flexible and productive solutions with high levels of technical availability and low environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle. We have presented some examples of production lines below, and you will find more under Automotive and Climate & Energy.

Transfer lines

For complete transfer solutions, AP&T's servohydraulic press combined with our fast and reliable automation products represents a highly competitive solution. 

In addition to complete transfer lines, we can also offer automation solutions for both new and existing mechanical and hydraulic presses.

Tandem lines

AP&T offers complete, fully automated tandem lines for efficient and well-managed production processes for a variety of industries. We can also automate existing presses to boost productivity. 

Household appliances

AP&T has been supplying productive and reliable production lines to household appliance manufacturers on a global basis for decades. Whether it is small-scale production or fully automated multi-press lines for large production volumes, we can provide a solution.

Flexible lines

AP&T’s production lines provide us with a virtually unlimited range of possibilities for designing flexible solutions to suit all of our customers’ needs. In addition to short cycle times and high reliability, flexibility is a particularly important benefit to contract manufacturers with many different types of end product, and who need to re-set production quickly.

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