Tool Changing System

AP&T’s complete systems for tool changes enable simple and quick production resets from one product to another; available for a wide span of tool weights.

AP&T's tool changing system consists of:

  • Different types of tool clamping systems (automatic or manual) in the press, which substantially reduces set-up times.

  • Tool lifters and consoles for the press bed which make tool transport easier.

  • Tool trolleys and tool stands for transport and storage.

  • Rig plate; a system where the press tool is screwed onto a steel plate that is slid back and forth on the press bed using a tool feeder chain.

  • Moving bolster (battery operation); a completely motorized bolster that runs freely on a rail. Tool changes are performed through one of the press' openings in the front, back or on the sides.

  • Automatic docking of media; a system for automatic connection of electricity, water, pneumatics and hydraulics to press tools in conjunction with tool changes. The system consists of docking plates equipped with quick couplings that are mounted on the press and press tools.

  • In order to optimize change time, the press is equipped with two tool changing systems that enable external rigging during ongoing production.

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