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24-25 April 2017
T3 Manufacturing Summit
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

CAR (Center For Automotive Research) is organizing the T3 Manufacturing Summit in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA on April 24 and 25. Players in the North American automotive industry will meet at the summit to discuss future challenges, new materials and new technologies, among other things. “Advancements in Technology” will be one of the points on the program. Chief Technical Officer, Technology Development Dr. Christian Koroschetz at AP&T, will present AP&T’s latest development, the world’s first multi-purpose production line for high strength aluminum car body components.

30-31 May 2017
AEC – Automotive Engineering Congress
Nürnberg, Germany

Automotive Engineering Congress will be held May 30–31 in conjunction with the Automotive Engineering Expo 2017 in Nürnberg. Stakeholders from different areas of the car industry and academia will gather to discuss development and trends within car body manufacturing, surface treatment and final assembly. AP&T will be represented by Chief Technical Officer, Technology Development Dr. Christian Koroschetz, who will focus on hot forming of aluminum. His talk is titled “Hot, W-temper and Warm Forming of High Strength Aluminum  –  A Comparison between Virtual Process Modeling and the Manufacturing on a Full-Scale Aluminum Production Line”.

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