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13-14 March 2018
Russian Automotive Forum
Moscow, Russia

Russian Automotive Forum is the leading meeting place for the Russian automotive industry, and it offers a broad and comprehensive seminar program. One of the speakers is Senior Advisor – Marketing and Sales Dominik Taszkin, from AP&T. He will discuss forming technologies and production methods for lighter and stronger parts, which can improve the energy efficiency, safety and environmental performance of cars. His focus will be on press hardening of steel and forming of high-strength aluminum. 

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13-14 March 2018
Automobil Industrie Leichtbau-Gipfel
Würzburg, Germany

Automotive Industry Lightweight Design Summit is a top-level networking event for the pioneers of lightweight design in automotive construction. This year’s two-day event will address the importance of lightweight design in specialist lectures, sessions and live demonstrations. There will also be a large exhibition. AP&T will be there to present and discuss how the different methods for hot forming can optimize weight. Focus will primarily be on forming complexly shaped car parts out of high-strength aluminum. The speaker will be Dr. Michael Machhammer.  

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9-13 April 2018
MACH 2018
Birmingham, UK

MACH 2018 is an important meeting place for the British and international manufacturing industry. The expo focuses on design, technology and innovation. AP&T will present its total offering, with emphasis on production solutions for lighter, safer and more energy-efficient products. 
Among other things, AP&T will provide insight into the latest developments within press hardening. AP&T will also present its globally unique solution for manufacturing complexly shaped car parts out of high-strength aluminum. 

AP&T will be in Hall 20 at Exhibit Booth 441.

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